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Bandit Adult Program

We empower individuals with fluency in the art of BJJ because learning this art can transform lives. We utilize modern training methods to make this process as efficient and as effective as possible.

Come try a class to feel the Bandit difference!

Make a commitment, work hard, and enjoy the benefits that come from the mind-body connection we forge with BJJ.


Bandit instructors use cutting edge training methods, like constraint-based learning and ecological learning techniques, to help practitioners build fluency while learning new and novel body movements – required when ground fighting. These training methods help students to rapidly acquire the skills and conceptual understanding they need to become proficient in the application of BJJ in real-life situations.

Bandit includes many self-defense techniques in their curriculum but also includes elements of sport BJJ to keep things challenging and fun. Modern BJJ is extremely complex and difficult to master. Giving students a solid understanding of foundational principles is critical. This conceptual-based understanding of principles provides context to allow students to understand even strange or exotic techniques they may see or experience in competition.

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