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Black Belt Head Instructor
Bandit BJJ

Jeff Kingsley

Jeff Kingsley BJJ instruction Bandit BJJ Brailian Jiu Jitsu fitness gym self defense

Jeff is passionate about teaching BJJ and believes in using a hybrid coaching model that utilizes elements of constrained-based learning and ecological learning layered in with traditional methods of learning. He has seen many students experience rapid growth and significantly better recall of new skills when these techniques have been employed for teaching BJJ, and he's excited to share these with the community. This goes in the face of more traditional schools and is considered unorthodox in the BJJ world, but come out and see if you don't feel the difference!


Jeff started off early in martial arts. Like many of his generation, he started doing TKD mixed with several other disciplines before the age of 12.


After years playing other sports and dealing with injuries, Jeff looked for options to get back into martial arts and decided Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a far more effective discipline than other available options.


Jeff started training in Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2009. He learned his fundamentals from the source, traveling several times to the famous Gracie Academy in Torrance, CA, to learn from Rener, Ryron, and Rorian Gracie.


As he continued his journey, he was awarded his purple belt from David “Fluffy” Reeves, a Rickson Gracie lineage black belt and head instructor at JGMMA.


His brown belt was awarded by a very well-rounded, 3rd degree black belt and head instructor at Jiu Jitsu Syndicate, Chris Easter.

Jeff is black belt instructor under Shawn Chitwood. Shawn is a 5th degree black belt that has been training with Relson Gracie since 1993.


Jeff was also trained as a Gracie Self-Defense Program Instructor by Rener and Eve Gracie, from the famous Torrance Gracie Jiu Jitsu School. Jeff was trained as an instructor from Rener and Eve and was shown how to teach the same way the Gracie family teaches Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques.


Jeff has been teaching and helping people learn BJJ for over a decade. Additionally, he has studied coaching and physical skill development methods. He has also studied learning models utilized in other sporting endeavors to improve his ability to teach physical skills. He has taken the best of those techniques and absorbed them into his personal teaching style and takes pride in his ability to help others develop fluency in complex movement skills quickly!

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Shawn Chitwood, Jeff Kingsley, Relson Gracie - 2023

Jeff Kingsley Shawn Chitwood Relson Gracie Ohio seminar 2023

the Journey

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Rener Gracie Jeff Kingsley Bandit Jiu Jitsu Blue belt fitness self defense martial art
Jeff Kingsley David Fluffy Reeves JGMMA Bandit Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt Fitness Martial art gym
Brown Belt Jeff Kingsley Chris Easter Caroline King Bandit Brazilian Jiu Jitsu MMA Fitness Gym Self defense Martial Art Jiu Jitsu BJJ

Jeff Kingsley with David "Fluffy" Reeves

Jeff Kingsley, Chris Easter, and Caroline King

Jeff Kingsley with Reners

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