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Kids Programs
- Lil' Bandits - under 12yo
- Junior Bandits - 12-16yo


Expected Spring 2024

Kids Class Bandit Brazilian Jiu Jitsu MMA Fitness Gym Self defense Martial Art Jiu Jitsu BJJ

Our kids program spans the ages between 9-16 years old. Our curriculum is centered around the principles of respect, hard work, and most of all having fun! Kids will be taught specific principles and then apply those principles in constraint-based games to sharpen newly learned skills.

The kids curriculum is specifically designed to build confidence in kids and grow them socially, physically, and emotionally. All this will be done on the mats while the kids learn real life lessons about the benefits of hard work and comradery.

Bandit BJJ is busy developing a comprehensive curriculum to ensure a well-rounded grappling skill set is achieved by each individual that puts the time in.

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