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About Bandit

Traditional BJJ - Modern Training Methods


We are focused on creating a safe place for people to have fun training Jiu Jitsu.


We provide a family-friendly and respectful environment in addition to customized, high-level instruction to help people rapidly reach their potential in BJJ.

Come and see the Bandit difference


What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or BJJ) is the most effective self-defense martial art on the planet! This was proved quite clearly during the early 1990’s in the first UFC events when Royce Gracie, a skinny kid from Brazil, won against some of the biggest and toughest fighters in the world in no-holds-barred tournaments. It is easy to learn more about the background of this complex and effective fighting style with some simple web searches.

Our Instructors

Head Instructor


Assistant Instructor


Dojo Etiquette

Personal Hygiene

In BJJ, maintaining personal cleanliness is an important part of keeping everyone healthy and safe. This includes keeping finger and toe nails trimmed, showering before and after training, and ensuring your training garments (especially gi's and rashguards) are property cared for and cleaned after each training session.

Proper Footwear

To keep the mats as clean and safe as possible, we do not walk off the mat or into the bathrooms with bare feet. No shoes on the mats, no bare feet off the mats.

Sparring Rules

 - White belt students with less than 2 stripes do not free roll (spar). 

 - During free rolling (sparring) no lower bodylocks will be finished on white belt students, with the exception being straight ankle locks. 

 - The Kani Basami and jumping guard are also not allowed unless expressly agreed to before the match. 


*At blue belt and above all other attacks are legal and encouraged. 


At Bandit we value control far more than getting taps. Tapping is the responsibility of the person being attacked, however it is also the responsibility of the attacker to give ample opportunity for his opponent to tap.

Asking to Spar

Any belt color may ask any other belt color to roll. Every person has the choice to accept or reject a roll with anyone else, for any reason. Finally, every student has the ability to end a sparring session at any point, for any reason.

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